MCU: 10 Most Shocking Moments In Marvel Movies So Far

Shocking, sensational, stunning. Marvel has left fans reeling.

Marvel Studios

Marvel movies have been a huge hit since Robert Downey Jr’s goatee introduced us to the MCU with the release of Iron Man back in 2008. And the series looks set to enter the new and uncharted waters of Wakanda when Black Panther is released.

Make no mistake about it, this is big. We’ve seen Captain America beat villains from different eras, watched Spiderman swing his way back onto our screens, witnessed Antman grow (and shrink) in front of our eyes and been fortunate enough to watch our favourite superheroes all battling it out in one, glossy, slick montage - on lots of occasions.

But we’ve not seen anything quite like the films coming out this year. Infinity War is obviously a huge deal, but Black Panther looks like it could be the series’ tipping point. What goes down in Wakanda, as Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa reminds us of in the trailer, ‘will affect the rest of the world.’ New York is out and Wakanda is now very much in.

But before we emerge from cinema screens attempting to digest the changes the series are sure to shock and stun us with this year, it’s time to comprehend the biggest shocks we've seen so far...

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