MCU: 10 Supernatural Heroes Who Could Make Marvel Millions

Devilspawn, flaming skulls and vampire detectives... the MCU could get a whole lot weirder.

Blade Vs Wolverine
Marvel Comics

The supernatural characters in Marvel’s roster remain largely untouched, but they bring with them an intrigue and cinematic potential like no other.

With Scarlet Witch’s supernatural angle nixed somewhat, there’s only really Doctor Strange and his associates who qualify as supernatural in the MCU, at least when it comes to the big screen. It’s no coincidence that Strange’s solo movie has some of the best cinematography of any MCU movie to date, or that his battle with Thanos was one of the most visually spectacular.

Not all of the supernatural heroes have these the kind of mystical powers to set up illusions, but each brings something new to the table.

As Marvel wades through its A-List, there’s still the Fantastic Four and X-Men to bring to the MCU. New teams introduced at once cause a boatload of issues though, not least either sitting through an origin story most fans know by now or the obvious ‘where the heck were you?’ question that'll no doubt accompany the X-Men's arrival.

These supernatural heroes, while smaller names than some existing or departing MCU characters, could actually makes Marvel millions. They’re entertaining, intriguing and would enrich the MCU in untapped ways.

10. Daimon Hellstrom

Blade Vs Wolverine
Marvel Comics

Fantasy casting: Dacre Montgomery

Hellstrom is a very interesting character for the MCU to introduce as he doesn’t just build upon the supernatural elements of Doctor Strange, he opens up a completely new avenue too. As a demonic character, literally the son of Satan, Hellstrom has a lot of potential to crack open the MCU.

There’s a few characters with demonic leanings which the MCU is yet to explore; villain Mephisto springs to mind as having tons of potential. Also, while Thor & Tony’s Wanda-induced visions in Age Of Ultron were hellish (literally in Thor’s case), characters like Hellstrom let them tap into this well much deeper.

Despite his sinful origins though, Hellstrom is not a villain. He fights against his roots to be a good person, although he’s not always successful. One of the MCU’s best features has been character complexity and development - Hellstrom offers fertile ground for both.

With his ability to weird dark magic and pyromancy, he brings a new skillset to the screen.

Montgomery didn’t exactly blow the doors off Hollywood in Power Rangers, but he did a much better job in Stranger Things. As the complex Son Of Satan, he could definitely deliver.


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