MCU: 10 Things You Learn Rewatching Iron Man 3

Is the Mandarin twist REALLY that bad?

Iron Man 3 Tony Suit
Marvel Studios

Iron Man 3 is genuinely one of the best Marvel films going, but a controversial twist seems to have made it the MCU's forgotten feature. It's rarely referenced, either in the main MCU chronology or by fans since, and that just doesn't make sense. It's Shane Black meets Marvel Comics - what's not to love?

The third Iron Man film was the first to kick off the MCU's second phase. It opened up a new chapter for the franchise while addressing its past, with Black and writer Drew Pearce's script having taken the bold decision to explore the psychological effects of Tony Stark's near-death experience during the events of 2012's Avengers Assemble. It's actually quite experimental, and in making the film more human, Iron Man 3 will ultimately go down as one of the most authentic Marvel offerings of recent years.

Interwoven through all of this is Black's signature storytelling style, which not only makes the film a unique, character-driven experience, but one that also has some genuinely compelling action. Everything serves a purpose, and in divesting from (and subverting) past genre tropes, Iron Man 3 easily ranks among Marvel Studios' best works - twist or no twist.

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