MCU: 12 Things We Learned From 4Chan's Latest Marvel Movies "Leak"

Guess who's going to die in Infinity War...


You can almost set your watch by these 4Chan leaks now. Just as you're settled in, waiting for Marvel or DC to release their latest round of information related to their upcoming slate of movies some mysterious, cloaked rascal releases a raft of "leaks" beating them to the punch.

Quite who these leakers are supposed to be is anyone's guess, but they inevitably garner a lot of attention when they spin their rumours. Some will inevitably turn their noses up immediately and cry foul, but there tends to be a lot in these leaks that sounds completely plausible.

Sure, there's always an element of them sounding like fan fiction, but it's intriguing as a fan to engage with and rate the rumours. Particularly as some of them are incredibly exciting and paint the picture of a progressive Phase 4 to follow the already announced movies concentrating on the MCU's newest elements.

Here's what the latest mystery leaker says is about to happen in the MCU...

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