MCU: 12 Things You Learn Rewatching Black Panther

An MCU high-point, but not without issues.

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Infinity War is finally here, signalled by the culmination of our epic rewatch of every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ahead of the Big One.

The series concludes with the most recent MCU release, of course, Black Panther, which is so fresh it's actually still playing in cinemas in some corners of the world.

With the near-universal critical acclaim it received, it's the franchise's best-reviewed film to date, and against considerable industry scepticism also scored an astronomical $1.32 billion box office haul.

Black Panther is a great movie, no question, though there's also been a lot of hyperbole written about it. No, it's not better than The Dark Knight, nor is it in fact the MCU's best film (The Avengers is still the one to beat, guys).

Somewhat removed from the honeymoon period of its release, a follow-up viewing reveals a mighty, yet evidently flawed offering that's certainly one of the franchise's strongest solo offerings to date.

Thanos may have arrived, but there's still time for one last MCU refresher course before all the insanity all kicks off. Here we go...


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