MCU: 14 Things You Learn Rewatching Guardians Of The Galaxy

We. Are. Groot.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Lineup
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch continues, as we hit a landmark instalment with 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy.

The 10th entry into the MCU, Marvel decided to celebrate hitting double digits by making their weirdest, riskiest, and most out-there movie yet. Although we'd already explored another world through Asgard, this went way further into the cosmos and gave us a space western that felt more indebted to Star Wars than it did Iron Man or Captain America.

Led by Chris Pratt, previously known as a sitcom star, and putting him with a ragtag group including a talking racoon, a giant tree who can only say his name, a green alien, and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, there are a million ways this could've gone wrong.

Instead, under the guidance of James Gunn it became one of Marvel's biggest hits, and proved that they could pull off just about anything. Hilarious, emotional, full of swaggering bravado and with an all-time great soundtrack, it was another stellar entry into the MCU, but what does it look like four years and one sequel on? As we prepare for the Guardians to finally meet the Avengers, here's what we learned looking back at this bunch of A-holes.


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