MCU: Every Final Battle Ranked From Worst To Best

How do the MCU's real money shots stack up?

Avengers Endgame Ending
Marvel Studios

Think back to 2008 when Iron Man came out. It's a film about a B-list superhero, one that general audiences were unfamiliar with, certainly not as much as Spider-Man or the X-Men. Who would've thought that it was the launching point of what would eventually become the biggest movie franchise in Hollywood? No one, most likely.

Well, fast forward 11 years later and here we are.

Aside from dominating the box office for the past seven years (it wasn't big until The Avengers came out and you know it), the MCU has graced with plenty of exciting and memorable action sequences. And some not so memorable.

Undeniably, the MCU runs on a formula that requires some type of duel or big battle in its third act. Okay, a lot of other movies do that too, but this isn't a list about all movies, now is it?

Marvel has delivered on many great final battles in their films, but not all of them are winners. And with the Infinity Saga wrapped up and phase 4 about to roll out, let's look back on the final battles of the franchise so far and see which ones did and didn't stick the landing.

23. Thor: The Dark World

Avengers Endgame Ending
Marvel Studios

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the worst film in the MCU also has the worst climax.

While The Dark World's final battle does have some solid special effects, visually it's very dull and lacks any excitement. In fact, the best thing about the entire ordeal is an amusing moment where Thor takes the subway. When that's the best part, you know your climax is in trouble.

Malekith, the worst villain in the MCU to date, is uninteresting and sometimes laughable, and the fight against him lacks any stakes that will make you even remotely invested in the action on display.

If the battle itself wasn't bad enough, though, it frequently cuts to Jane and Selvig or Darcy and her intern, the latter pair making for terrible comic relief during the battle.

The portals and world jumping at least add a little bit of interest, but it's not enough to save this dull-as-dishwater climax.

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