MCU: Every In Development (& Rumoured) Marvel Movie & TV Show - Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger, but is it getting better?

Upcoming MCU Projects

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown at an incredible rate over the last decade. What started out as a risky proposition has turned into the biggest franchise in cinema, and much more besides. Iron Man led to The Avengers, which led to even more superheroes, storylines, and avenues for that storytelling, from ABC to Netflix series.

It's now a behemoth that many have tried (and failed) to imitate, but it's also in a fascinating period. As we approach the end of Phase 3, and the end of the MCU as we know it, there's a lot of transition, but also a lot of expansion. On top of the vast movie plans they already had, there's the impending Disney-Fox deal to bring some of the biggest characters into the mix, while Disney Plus will launch multiple big-budget MCU TV shows.

There's a hell of a lot going on, but what's really worth getting excited about?

31. Cloak & Dagger Season 2

Cloak and Dagger TV

Status: Confirmed

Release: April 4, 2019

Cloak & Dagger was a modest hit last year, with the Freeform series earning decent ratings and solid reviews, both of which were good enough for the channel to renew it for a second season.

With the titular duo's powers and relationship established, the second season should be able to take things to new heights, and it's also going to introduce a little Mayhem. The end of Season 1, and its post-credits scene, teased some exciting things to come, but as the smallest Marvel TV show going, it is going to struggle to generate the same levels of hype as other projects.


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