MCU: Every Thor Appearance Ranked Worst To Best

Point Break. Sparkles. Pirate Angel. Let's give it up for the God of Thunder.


Thor has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011, appearing in six films over the years. Despite a solid start, an argument can be made that the franchise stumbled for a while in figuring out what to do with him, as it wasn't until his recent reinvention over the last year that finally put him shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Avengers Iron Man and Captain America in terms of popularity.

Regardless of the quality of the road he's been traveling through the years, it's been an interesting journey for the character nonetheless, the Asgardian learning a major lesson in humility and losing more along the way to embracing his role as the God of Thunder than many of the other heroes we've come to know. Through it all, Chris Hemsworth has proven why he was a solid choice for the role, overcoming the character's frustrating underutilization and reinvigorating Thor in fantastic ways we'll discuss later in this list.

Following yesterday's breakdown of Captain America's appearances in the franchise, let's now turn the spotlight on Thor as we wait to see where next year's Avengers 4 takes the hero, looking back over his time in the MCU to date in order to stack up each of his appearances, breaking down what they meant for the character, his arc, and his overall place in the series in order to sort out which film served him best.


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