MCU Phase 4: 10 Major Marvel Heroes Who Must Appear

Phase 3 brought us Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther, but who’ll be next?

Silver Surfer MCU

MCU Phase 4 is just around the corner, and they’re being unusually tight lipped about the whole thing. We know Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home are next, but then it’s a blank slate.

Black Panther has had a sequel confirmed, Guardians did, but that’s been shelved following James Gunn’s much publicised departure. A Black Widow origin story is also in the works, as well as TV shows for Hawkeye and Loki respectively.

One key thing missing, however, is new blood. The MCU has constantly been adding to its roster since its debut, but there’s only Captain Marvel we’ve not seen before, and she's of a completely different power-level compared to her predecessors. Assuming Thanos is defeated in the fourth Avengers film, there might be an even tougher villain on the horizon, which would open the door for more powerful heroes too.

There’s literally hundreds of heroes waiting for their spotlight that Marvel can choose from. Without a doubt the most popular are the X-Men, but given that it's a little too early to consider their involvement, don't expect them to appear in the MCU until Phase 5 at the earliest.

10. Squirrel Girl

Silver Surfer MCU
Marvel Comics

A Squirrel Girl movie might have sounded bizarre back when Robert Downey Jr. was a washed up B-lister in 2007, but now that the MCU is a juggernaut with insatiable fans, the stage is set for Doreen Green to take the limelight.

She’s a quirky character who could be a surprise hit in the right hands. No one really expected the rag-tag Guardians Of The Galaxy - even those from within the comic book world - to be the smash hit it was. Squirrels are far more cute and cuddly than ants too, so her abilities could prove even more popular with audiences than Scott Lang's army of insects.

Her very silly battle style could reap similar results to the success Fox had with Deadpool. There’ll be less blood, bullets and f-bombs with Squirrel Girl, and her unconventional fighting style is consequently way more family friendly.

She defeats Galactus, the god who devours planets, simply by talking to him and making him nicer. While that would be an awful anticlimax if Galactus is to be the next overarching enemy after Thanos, the general gist would definitely bring something new to the table.


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