MCU Phase 4: 10 Marvel Characters Keanu Reeves Is Most Likely To Play

Could we see him as the Silver Surfer?

Keanu Reeves Silver Surfer

Keanu Reeves has had a monumental career revival recently, and his stock looks set to rise even further with reports that he’s in talks with Marvel for a role in the MCU. He’d be a massively popular casting choice, and there are a lot of roles he could play.

There are a few new heroes who are rumoured to be arriving soon, along with a new overarching villain to replace Thanos. Whoever Reeves plays, he’ll be a big feather in Marvel’s cap to still be pulling in huge stars post Endgame when the franchise has a lot of rebuilding to do.

Likely in an attempt to fix what was seen as a villain problem for the MCU, lots of big Hollywood A-listers have been big bads recently, with Kurt Russell, Michael Keaton and Cate Blanchett all pitting their wits against the heroes recently.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is apparently not a villain, but we should know better than to trust Mysterio...

Regardless, Keanu’s dry delivery and action heavy skill-set makes him equally adept as a hero or a villain. If the MCU casting comes off, their track record suggests it’ll be brilliant selection.

10. Namor

Keanu Reeves Silver Surfer
Marvel Comics

With Keanu Reeves working as both hero and villain, an anti hero seems like a safe pick. John Wick is the hero of his own film, after all, but he’s not exactly a good guy.

Namor is one of biggest anti heroes Marvel has in their roster, and his look lends itself to a Keanu Reeves casting anyway. Added to that Namor being teased in Endgame, and the pieces start to fall together.

Okoye mentions an earthquake off the coast of Wakanda, which could definitely lead to the discovery of Atlantis. Either way, a cataclysmic event on the scale of the snap would be good motivation to bring the underwater kingdom to the surface.

There was some confusion over Namor’s licensing, but he’s currently understood to have a contract similar to Hulk in that he can’t have a solo Marvel movie, as Universal own his distribution, but he can feature in team up movies as long as he’s not a title character. With that in mind, Black Panther 2 feels like the most likely destination for him to appear, given the historic conflict between Wakanda and Atlantis.

Namor is substantially less likeable than Reeves tends to play, but typecasting an unlikeable actor could leave the character bitter and unpleasant. Reeves might readdress the balance and make the character’s grating persona more tolerable.


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