MCU Phase 4: 15 Things Marvel Don't Want You To Know

Much like Thanos, Marvel Studios will want keep its plans for Phase 4 a secret until it is time.


Some things are always constant. Death, taxes and the Marvel Cinematic Universe being the biggest global attraction in the world of cinema. No matter the times are, if there is anything that can brighten a lot of people’s moods, it’s looking forward to the next MCU blockbuster.

And while it is hard to tell when exactly will movie-going become a thing again, the best we can do is hope and wait. With all that being said, just what are the things we should be most excited about when it comes to Phase 4 of the MCU?

As always, the internet has provided a steady drip of juicy rumors regarding what new characters and arcs are coming to the MCU. From the ones that we all but expect to see such as Adam Warlock to the really farfetched stories that if true would truly blow our hands, there is no shortage of speculation for us to dive into.

15. Beta Ray Bill May Appear In Thor 4

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Thor: Love and Thunder is probably one of the movies Marvel fans are looking forward to the most. With the return of Natalie Portman as Thor Jane Foster and a whole host of possible debuts, it has fans counting down the days.

One of the bigger names to have emerged from all the speculation is Beta Ray Bill.The chosen champion of an alien race called the Korbonites, Bill was technologically enhanced into this incredibly powerful being who could go toe to toe with the likes of Thor and was even worthy enough to wield Mjolnir.

There has been immense speculation surrounding who could show up in Thor 4. Bill is probably one of the more likely candidates. After all he is strongly connected to Thor in the comics, with his main nemesis being Thor’s old enemy Surtur.

It should be noted that Taika himself has somewhat played down the Bill rumors recently, but if Marvel were serious about Bill, then that’s exactly the kind of official stance you can expect right about now.

It remains to be seen how Taika Waititi can integrate Bill into his world of wonderful wackiness, but then again that’s probably the idea as surely Marvel wouldn’t want to let anything slip on those plans.

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