MCU Phase 5: Every Single Character Confirmed (So Far)

Mutants, vampires and a Fantastic reason to be excited already...

Marvel Phase 5
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While you shouldn't wish your life away, there are some very big reasons to maybe want Marvel's Phase 4 to get on with it. Not only does it mean that we get to see potentially incredibly movies like Thor: Love & Thunder, Black Widow and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, but it also means we get to see what comes next.

Usually, when one Phase is plotted out by Marvel Studios, that's all we can be sure of other than rank speculation. But for Phase 5, it's different. We already know what movies are going to form at least SOME of that Phase because Kevin Feige gave us a massive hint of the fact at Comic Con. He might not have laid out the entire plan (and we can probably expect many more new additions), but for now we have some indication of which movies - and thus which characters - we're going to see when Phase 5 kicks off.

And by the sound of it, it's going to be a HELL of a Phase...

Honourable Mention

25. "Mutants"

X-Men Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

For now, Kevin Feige's broad mention of "mutants" coming to the MCU as one of the forthcoming properties his team are working on was a little vague - which is to be expected - but we at least know they're now in his considerations.

Given the fact that he's also said that Phase 5 is completely mapped out, his Comic Con mention of the mutants - which presumably means the X-Men, but doesn't necessarily ONLY mean them (there's Deadpool to consider here too, among others) - pretty much confirms their appearance. Whether that's a debut or not remains to be seen, because of those New Mutants in Phase 4 rumours.

And now onto the real business...

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