MCU Quiz: Can You Name All These Marvel Villains?

Is it inevitable that you'll know all these baddies from the MCU?

MCU Villains Quiz
Marvel Studios

Over the course of almost 40 movies and TV shows, the MCU has brought to life a vast array of villains.

Some of the baddies we've met in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are more sympathetic than others. Then there's characters who want to seek vengeance for the death of their family or want to live without pain. Other baddies are working towards a cause we might have been able to get behind if they had chosen a different way to achieve it. Elsewhere, certain villainous figures just want to have as much power for themselves as they possibly can, whatever the cost to those around them.

For the heroes in the MCU, the rogues can turn out to be their closest family, creations of their own making, or someone they overlooked in the past. The villains of the MCU aren't always who you expect them to be, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe often leaves us guessing who actually is the baddie and are they really as evil as it might first appear.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the antagonists from across the MCU's shows and films. All you have to do is name all of them.

Let's start off with the biggest villain of them all....

1. Can You Name This MCU Villain?

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