MCU Quiz: How Well Do You Know Iron Man 3?

Were you listening to Tony, unlike Banner?

Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios

While it is - rather unfairly - remembered solely for its twist, Iron Man 3 is a far better film than a good deal of people give it credit for. Built on the dynamic between Tony Stark and James Rhodes and injected with Shane Black's affectionate eye for nostalgic action movies, it is a ride and a half.

It's also a surprisingly deep endeavour, exploring Tony's addictions - mostly to atoning for his sins and saving the world - and his PTSD in a way that would directly shape his arc into Avengers: Age Of Ultron and right through to Endgame. This was an important formative stone and not just a throw-away.

But how much do you remember about the film that introduced the MCU to the Hulkbuster and The Mandarin?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Does Ben Kingsley Play?


A grown up... allegedly