MCU Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Dr Strange?

Welcome to the gatekeeper of the Multiverse...

Doctor Strange Trailer
Marvel Studios

The introduction to Doctor Strange brought new elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It opened the gates on the multiverse for less hardcore fans who are more casual viewers without the history and knowledge of comic books on their side. This opens our eyes to infinite possibilities with infinite potential threats to the world and you can see why Kevin Feige was so keen to bring Strange to screen.

Naturally, with infinite potential threats to the world, there are those who are awake to this issue. This is where Doctor Strange comes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, his name is actually Strange. Starting off as a highly successful, extremely rich and colossally arrogant surgeon Doctor strange finds himself on the wrong end of a car crash, unfortunately permanently damaging the nerves in his crushed hands. No hands = no job for the surgeon.

With his world turned upside down Dr Strange chases whispers to find a cure, but finds more than just that.

How well do you know Doctor Strange?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Strange's First Name?


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