MCU Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Thor The Dark World?

Do you know enough to be worthy of Thor's Hammer?

Thor The Dark World
Marvel Studios

Thor: The Dark World first hit theatres back in 2013 and reintroduced us to the magical world of Asgard and its inhabitants. Though it wasn't quite as triumphant as its predecessor, it still made its mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and successfully furthered the story of the Mighty Thor.

Having said that, six years is a long time, so just how well do you remember all of the destruction that went down in the Asgardians' battle with the Dark Elves?

Do you know enough to be worthy of Thor's Hammer, or will these questions outwit you like Loki tricking his brother? Take the quiz and find out.

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did Thor And The Asgardian Warriors Battle The Marauders?


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