MCU Quiz: Which Avenger Said It - Iron Man Or Doctor Strange?

Can you tell these two geniuses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe apart? Let's find out!

Doctor Strange Iron Man
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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are two Avengers with huge egos. That'd be Tony Stark's Iron Man and Master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Strange, with that duo often struggling with their own genius.

There doesn't seem to be an engineering problem that Tony can't solve, yet his confidence often make him his own worst enemy. For example, Stark has created enemies from his ego, and his desire to protect Earth put everyone in danger with the creation of Ultron.

Doctor Strange always needs to be the one in charge. He laments that only he could fix his hands, and creates havoc when attempting to help Peter Parker with a spell in No Way Home. That said, Strange has proven that he can put others first for the good of the world when he helps America Chavez learn to control her abilities.

Can you tell these two geniuses of the Marvel Cinematic Universe apart? We've got some of the best quotes by from the Armoured Avenger and the Sorcerer Supreme - all you need to do is decide which hero said it.

Do you remember who said to the person they loved the most that they loved them in every universe? Can you recall who said that they wanted to be both feared and respected?

Only the biggest MCU fans will be able to get identify who said what. Let's see if you can get 100% correct!

Answers at the end!

1. You're Just Another Tiny, Momentary Speck Within An Indifferent Universe.


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