MCU Quiz: Who Did It - Thor Or Loki?

How much do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Thor and Loki?

Thor: Ragnarok Thor Loki
Marvel Studios

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, few characters have a more complicated relationship than Thor and Loki.

These two brothers struggle to trust each other. Thor believed that he would ride into battles with his brother at his side, but Loki would often trick and betray him.

Thor was never sure in any situation if Loki would be there to support him, like when they sought to avenge the death of their mother, or whether the duplicitous rogue would have his own motivations. Loki even tried to trick Thor when they were both trying to get off Sakaar.

Loki has faked his own death and banished his adopted father Odin, yet despite all of that, Thor deep down wants to trust and love his brother.

How much do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe iterations of these famed characters? We've got 12 statements that relate to either Thor or Loki, and all you need to do is work out who each statement refers to.

Can you remember which brother was hit by a car? Do you know if it was Loki or Thor who was turned into a frog by the other? Let's see if you can correctly identify who each statement is about.

Answers at the end!

1. Is Adopted


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