MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Ant-Man Or Spider-Man?

Are you the ultimate fan of the MCU's Ant-Man and Spider-Man?

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, two of the funniest characters are Scott Lang and Peter Parker.

Bringing a sense of fun to the MCU, this pair of heroes always have a witty remark when taking down a villain or interacting with their fellow Avengers. Still, both Ant-Man and Spider-Man have had their fair share of heartbreaking moments. For Peter, he's lost some of the people closest to him, whilst Scott has struggled with how his past has impacted his daughter. Despite this, Lang and ol' Web-head always find a way to bring positivity to the MCU.

Are you the ultimate fan of these heroes? This quiz features 12 quotes from either of these characters, and all you need to do is identify if it was Ant-Man or Spider-Man who said each line of dialogue.

Who asked if there were any orange slices? Was it Scott or Peter who declared they were nothing without the suit? Will you prove your knowledge of all things Ant-Man and Spider-Man within the MCU? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. You Have A Metal Arm? That Is Awesome, Dude.


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