MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Doctor Strange Or Nick Fury?

Can you identify all 12 of these Marvel Cinematic Universe quotes?

Marvel Studios

Doctor Stephen Strange and Nick Fury are two members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who are natural leaders.

Of course, Fury is the man behind the Avengers, uniting Earth's Mightiest Heroes and ensuring Earth and beyond is protected by strong heroes. So dedicated to his mission, Nick even faked his own death in order for others to infiltrate the organisation he helped build.

As for Stephen Strange, he was an elite surgeon before an accident led him down a path that would ultimately see him become the Master of the Mystic Arts. Strange's ego may occasionally get in the way, but despite this, and even though he isn't these days technically the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is still viewed as a mentor and leader.

So, do you consider yourself a true MCU expert? This quiz features 12 quotes from either Strange or Fury, and all you need to do is correctly identify which of the pair said each line of dialogue. Who declared that "we're in the endgame now"? Was it Strange of Fury who "still believed in heroes"?

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. He Got It On A Technicality 'Cause I Blipped For Five Years.


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