MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Iron Man Or Doctor Strange?

Can you tell which of the two smartest Avengers said it?

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man Tony Stark and Doctor Stephen Strange are quite similar.

Both Tony and Stephen have two of the largest egos in the MCU. Stark is a self proclaimed genius and Strange considers himself to be the best Neurosurgeon that there is. Their arrogance has often led them into trouble and they can rarely admit when they are wrong.

It's Stark's creation that leads to Ultron, and Strange's belief that he is infallible leads to Spider-Man coming face-to-face with the Multiverse.

Though they might both get wrapped up in their own egos, the pair both ultimately want to do what's right and are prepared to make great sacrifices. Stephen knows that a life with Christine will never work out the way he wants it to be, whereas Tony chooses to help try to reverse Thanos' snap, knowing he's risking the perfect life he has with Pepper and his daughter.

Can you tell which of the two smartest Avengers said the following quotes? Iron Man and Doctor Strange have both said clever, self-important and thoughtful things over the course of the MCU. Will you manage to work out just who said it? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Just Wong? Like Adele?


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