MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Steve Rogers Or Sam Wilson?

"Symbols… are nothing without the women and men that give them meaning.”

Captain America Steve Rogers Sam Wilson
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe features one of the most iconic heroes of all, Captain America.

The idea of creating a super soldier who could fight for what was good and stand tall in the face of wrong in the world began during the first World War when Project Rebirth was created. With the combined expertise of Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine, the ability to take a person and turn them into the perfect symbol was realised. Of course, there was only one man who was going the be the perfect soldier to bring it to life.

Steve Rogers was desperate to help in the war effort, but due to his poor health was always turned away. Erskine saw that Steve's desire to do what was right would only grow stronger if he was selected for Project Rebirth. After decades of fighting for his beliefs, Steve eventually decided it was time to live his own life. Once that happened in Avengers: Endgame, it soon became obvious who would be the ideal person to take over the Cap mantle.

Sam Wilson was also a veteran, and his outlook on life matched Steve's. Though it took a lot of convincing, Sam finally realised that his future was to take up the shield and become the next Captain America.

We've collected some of Steve's and Sam's best quotes. Let's see if you can tell these two Captain Americas apart.

1. I Never Said 'Pilot'...


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