MCU Quiz: Who Said It - Thor Or Loki?

The God of Thunder or the God of Mischief?

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While they are dysfunctional as brothers to say the least, as individuals Thor and Loki have gone on rollercoaster journeys since their debuts in the MCU in 2011. The God of Thunder after four appearances was completely revamped in Ragnarok, suffered incredible loss and heartbreak, and battled depression and alcoholism.

Loki, on the other hand, has walked the fine line between good and evil for years, often straying further in one direction than the other, and vice versa. After eight years on screen, it is fair to say that both of Odin's sons are a far cry from when we were first introduced to them.

Through all their ideological differences however, the two have always had a special connection with each other as only brothers can, even down to the point that they often sound the same.

Can you tell which demigod said what? Take this quiz and put your Asgardian knowledge to the test.

Answers at the end!

1. "Is That Why Everything Is On Fire?"

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