MCU Rumour: Marvel Have Secretly Cancelled X-Men Dark Phoenix & New Mutants

3. Dark Phoenix - SHELVED

X Men Dark Phoenix Jean Grey Sophie Turner

Rather damningly, Slugzilla has referred to Dark Phoenix as the worst X-Men movie of all, which is boring and through which the cast seem entirely uninterested. They even refer to Fant4stic as being better. That's got to sting.

And now they say that it has been cancelled along with Dark Phoenix, which would be pretty unprecedented. Here's the full run-down on Dark Phoenix:

"According to my friend New Mutants & Dark Phoenix are both doa. Neither will see theatrical release. They have daily access to some Fox execs, I trust this person and it fits with everything else I've been hearing, so I'm confident in saying that both movies are effectively cancelled. She said Disney wants a clean slate & that the Mouse has told the Fox to shelve all planned releases. They said its a possibility that these two movies could see release on some streaming/television/Bluray platform years from now, but only after Disney has fully developed its own X-Men Universe."


On top of that, Slugzilla says Psylocke wasn't involved


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