MCU Spider-Man 3 Has... Aliens?!

MCU Spider-Man 3 news! MJ star Zendaya teases an alien threat...

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After months of reports, rumours and announcements that indicate Marvel and Sony are throwing everything at the wall with Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3, there's one more wacky element you can now throw into the mix: Aliens.

In an actor-on-actor conversation published by Variety (via, Carey Mulligan asked Zendaya - who plays MJ in the Spider-Man franchise - how work was going on the upcoming superhero movie. She replied:

"These things go by so fast. We still have a lot left to do. It’s like running from aliens and things you can’t see. Part of that is kind of fun"

The fact that the actor specifically singled out "aliens" has piqued the attention of fans. With the sequel juggling so many threads already - including the return of villains from previous Spider-man movie franchises, Doctor Strange and the multiverse and the issue of Peter Parker's newly-revealed identity - it's unclear where and how alien enemies could fit into the mix.


Of course, it could be that Zendaya was referring to the Skrulls, alien shapeshifter characters who have previously appeared in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home. With the latter movie revealing that Ben Mendelsohn's Talos has been undercover as Nick Fury and helping out Peter Parker, he and the rest of his species could play a bigger role in Spider-Man 3's story.


Considering they're going to be the focus of Disney+'s Secret Invasion series as well, Marvel could use Spidey 3 to build up hype by once again featuring the Skrulls.

At this point though, Spider-Man 3 could be about anything - aliens included - and we can't wait to get a proper synopsis.


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