MCU Spider-Verse: 10 Characters That MUST Appear

Spider-Men, Spider-Men, oh my god there's so many Spider-Men.



The most recent Spider-Man movie pulled a real Mysterio on audiences, its trailers promising some proper exploration of the MCU's multiverse - it being supposed to expand on the idea that had only been briefly mentioned previously in Doctor Strange - but, instead, the whole thing was a massive misdirect, the movie staying true to Quentin Beck by truly pulling the wool over fans' minds.

Yet, while Far From Home may have taken a slightly different approach, there is still the possibility for a live action Spider-Verse movie later down the line with Sony and Disney certainly knowing that, if done correctly, such a film would make a heck of a lot of money.

Now that we know that Doctor Strange's Multiverse sequel will focus on other branches of reality (or so is the suggestion), it's even more possible...

10. Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker


Out of all the various incarnations of Spider-Man, if this one were not to appear in a live action Spider-Verse then there would be little point in doing the such a movie at all, really.

To many fans of ol' web-head, Maguire's performance as the character is the definitive one, the films that he starred introducing numerous people to the hero and therefore making the actor's portrayal a fondly remembered one (even if it wasn't actually that amazing in hindsight).

With how much love there is for this depiction of Spidey, it would be best if he were positioned as being a more goofy, happy-go-lucky type of character - one that still enjoys being a superhero, even after doing it for many years, rather than something similar to Jake Johnson's more moody older take on Peter seen in Into The Spider-Verse.

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