MCU: The Progressively Harder Match The Scene To The Marvel Movie Quiz

Do you know which Spider-man was in which movie?

Spider Man Far From Home
Marvel Studios

So far Marvel Studios have released a whopping 29 movies as part of the MCU.

We've witnessed everything from our favourite characters falling in love, saving the world to dying at the hands of some of the most evil villains we've ever seen.

From Captain America finally becoming worthy enough to lift Thor's Hammer Mjölnir to Iron Man giving the greatest sacrifice possible to stop Thanos from destroying everyone in the Galaxy. We've seen three different Spider-man come to save New York and Dr Strange jump into the Multiverse.

The MCU has brought us laughter (often thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy) and tears when we lost our heroes. The MCU genuinely has everything you could want.

How well do you remember the 29 movies of the MCU? Do you remember what each character was up to in all of them? We've put together images and all you need to do is decide which Marvel movie the scene appeared?

It might sound simple but only those who have been paying close attention will be able to get every question correct. Do you have what it takes to get every single answer right? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Which Movie Did This Scene Appear?

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