MCU Villain Battle Royale: Who Would Come Out On Top?

16 villains. One winner. Who is the best of them all?

thanos v ultron marvel villains

The past 13 years have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe build a roster of superheroes never seen on any kind of similar scale on the big screen before. As the franchise grows and grows, so does the sheer amount of characters at the fingertips of Kevin Feige and co.

This also goes for villains. Many of them may have been mishandled or underdeveloped over the years, but there are still a handful of incredibly powerful bad guys populating the MCU, some with the potential ability to end the world and drastically test the franchise's heroes.

Unlike the good guys, these villains rarely ever meet each other. With the exception of a small few, most appear in one movie and are dealt with relatively swiftly by the heroes, but what if they did come across each other? If it really came down to it, who would win in a fight between these big bads?

Well, wonder no more! Taking 16 of the most powerful villains throughout the grander MCU franchise and facing them off against each other should bring us to some conclusions and answer who would win.

Each villain is taken at their most powerful throughout the main MCU continuity, simple human characters like Zemo, Hammer, or Alexander Pierce haven’t made the cut for obvious reasons, and for the sake of spoilers any characters from Eternals have been omitted.

Now, with those ground rules out of the way, let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee…

15. Round One – Yellowjacket Vs. Mysterio

thanos v ultron marvel villains
Marvel Studios

The first match up brings together two human villains, but unlike the likes of Zemo and Hammer they have used technology to make themselves far more formidable than many other Earthly beings.

Darren Cross was fuelled by his hatred of Hank Pym to create the Yellowjacket suit, something similar to the Ant-Man suit but with wings and weapons built in, while Quentin Beck had a similar story with Tony Stark, and his use and renaming of his augmented reality technology. But whose unique tech and abilities would trump the other?

Yellowjacket has the ability to go microscopic, fly around, and attack with his suit's arsenal, however none of this would be of any use when trapped inside an illusion. Beck could make Cross see literally anything, the same way he did with Peter Parker, and lull him into a seriously troublesome situation. Throughout his fight with Scott Lang, Darren Cross didn’t stay small the entire time, and this would be his downfall against Beck.

With Yellowjacket discombobulated, Mysterio could either hit him with a drone strike, or simply shoot him in the head like he tried to with Spider-Man. Peter only stopped him because of his ‘Peter Tingle’, something which Cross doesn’t have.

Winner: Mysterio


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