Meet the new Ace Ventura!

No that image above is not an error. That really is the guy who is playing Ace Ventura in the third film of the 'pet detective' franchise which will now be Jim Carrey-less, just like Son of the Mask. The dude's name is Josh Flitter and he has recently made a career for himself as the chubby sidekick young kid who starred in movies I've avoided like License to Wed and Nancy Drew. Director David Mickey Evans is set to helm and not Steve Oedekerk as we originally thought. The movie is also rumored to be titled Ace Ventura Jr. Hideous isn't it and you really can't help but think of Son of the Mask. The reality of the situation is that sequels to Jim Carrey movies without Carrey himslef, are always disasters and this one sounds particularly awful. How did this movie ever get greenlit? source - slash film, moviehole

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