Megan Fox In Talks For Judd Apatow's KNOCKED UP Spin-Off

I can't imagine what Judd Apatow has planned for Megan Fox in his forthcoming and still untitled Knocked Up spin-off that will find Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprising their memorable characters five years from the 2007 hit but I'm sure intrigued by the casting. The Hollywood Reporter say Fox is currently in talks for the film that shoots this summer for a release next June. Perhaps she'll move in next door and tempt Paul Rudd into infidelity? Or maybe it'll be a small-ish role similar to her comedic turn in How To Lose Friends And Alienate People? I'm fairly certain it won't be a cameo though and if we are hearing it as the first major casting from the trades, I imagine it'll be a substantial role. The jaw-droppingly beautiful but pornstar quality actress has had a troubling two years with audience dismissals of her high profile turns in Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex hinting that her looks might not be a box office pull we thought she might be, plus a firing from the third Transformers movie. Not to mention her latest- an obscure Indie fable with Mickey Rourke titled Passion Play - went down like a lead balloon in Toronto and is now going straight-to-DVD in the States. One thing is for certain, Fox needs something to work for her and fast, otherwise she might drop off the radar within a few years. And well, if she is tempting Rudd away from Mann (his real life wife)... what does that say about Apatow's desires, for whom Rudd is basically playing his doppelganger???
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