Melissa George to be held Captive

Moviehole are reporting that 30 Days of Night star Melissa George has signed up for the lead role in Captive, a new horror/thriller where our lead blonde has been kidnapped and held prisoner by a psychopath killer. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Well it should, as it's the plot and almost the same title as Capitvity, which need I not remind you totally bombed last weekend to a 12th place opening with less than a $1.5 million domestic debut opening. Captive then will be written and directed by Amanda Gusack and has a more in-depth plot below...

The happily married mother of a 6 year old boy, Jaime Taylor regains consciousness after a bad car accident and finds herself being held captive in a remote waterfront warehouse by the mysterious Vince, a masked killer whose shocking revelations are about to turn her formerly safe and orderly existence upside down.
This is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, idea.


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