Melissa McCarthy Describes Hated Ghostbusters Trailer As "Very Confusing"

When even the star doesn't know what's going on your in trouble.

Ghostbusters 62
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After becoming the first movie trailer to make it onto YouTube's 100 Most Disliked videos list, more than 600,000 thumbs-down votes, the Ghostbusters reboot trailer has had another kick in the teeth after star Melissa McCarthy described it as "very confusing".

Speaking on The John, Jay And Rich Show, the actress outlined a key difference between the movie itself and how it was portrayed in the trailer:

"I know its weird that they say €˜30 years ago€™, but in this movie its like the first one didn€™t happen."

In an effort to persuade fans that the film will be better than it looks, she continued;

"It€™s a great story but it€™s told totally differently. It€™s four unlikely heroes, it€™s in New York City, ghosts are taking over; it€™s that same classic story but it€™s not 30 years later ... it€™s not dependent on the first one.€

McCarthy went on to claim that she raised her concerns with the studio but that her pleas were ignored, describing how "everyone said we don€™t care what you think.€

Recently, director Paul Feig dismissed the criticism of the film in an interview in the Guardian as €œvile misogynist sh*t€, going on to describe how "it's very easy once you€™re predisposed to be p*ssed about something, to watch it and find fault.€


While Feig's assumption that criticism of the reboot is down to the all-female casting may hold some weight, less has been said about the trailer's many awful jokes and shoddy-looking visual effects.

The new Ghostbusters movie will be released in the US on July 15th.


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