Meloni & Franco to spend Nights in Rodanthe

bn.jpgWe last spoke about Nights in Rodanthe in February when Richard Gere and Diane Lane had been tapped up to star in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel. Now usually this movie would get little coverage from OWF but the fact that the novel was written by the same guy who wrote The Notebook means it's worth keeping track of. The news from The Hollywood Reporter is that Christopher Meloni and Spider-Man's James Franco have both signed up for the romantic drama. George Wolfe is directing the flick...
The story sees a doctor (Gere) stop at an inn in North Carolina while traveling to reconcile with his estranged son. At the beach town, the doctor has a life-changing romance with an unhappily married woman (Lane). Ken Hixon and Ann Peacock worked on the screenplay.
Franco will play the estranged son and Meloni will be the husband to the unhappy Diane Lane. Like I say, it's usually not the type of film we would cover here but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed and was moved by The Notebook, so when this film's trailer comes out sometime next year... give it a chance before just dismissing it as a typical boring romantic drama. And if you haven't seen The Notebook... go see it! I've never met someone who has enjoyed it yet.
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