MEN IN BLACK 3 Trailer Falls Flat Except For Josh Brolin

To be released ten years after the last movie, the jokes & the concept feel as old as Tommy Lee Jones...

Columbia Pictures have revealed the first trailer for Men in Black 3, which hits 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D screens on May 25th, 2012. The movie which comes ten years after the release of Men in Black 2 and fourteen years after the 1997 original, reunites Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, two secret agents who keep extraterrestrial goings on secret from the rest of humanity. They also, from time to time, save the world. The concept hook of the unexpected trilogy is that K has actually been dead for forty years, leading to J travelling back to 1969 to put things right, all the while trying to stop the latest apocalypse threat from destroying Earth. This is all setup in the trailer which Digital Spy debuted today and which also features Josh Brolin performing an incredible imitation of his No Country For Old Men co-star as the climax. From what we understand, Brolin has the majority screen time in the movie over Jones who bookends the film; What do you make of the trailer? We have reported in length this year about the troubles the Men in Black 3 production has faced. In a nutshell: it was greenlit before it was ready and shot in two different parts which led to a spiralling of costs (over $200 million), the loss of actor Alec Baldwin who was to have a supporting part and a disjointed story after the second act (which takes place in the past) was given lengthy re-writes by two new screenwriters and allegedly Will Smith himself. Even if we didn't know that, it's obvious to see that there's something tonally wrong with this thing. The universe doesn't feel right, the backgrounds all feel like poor green screen, the CGI is terrible, Smith gets way too many tight close-ups out of an Eddie Murphy film and none of it feels particularly exciting or funny. Still it's got Will Smith in it, his first movie in four years and reprising one of his key roles so it'll do gangbusters. Barry Sonnenfeld returns in the director's chair, Emma Thompson supports along with Alice Eve, Jermaine Clement and Michael Stuhlbarg.
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