Michael Biehn Says He'll Be Back For Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie

Aliens actor confirms he has already been contacted about a return.

A Redditor was at Pensacon over the weekend, and so was Michael Biehn. The perfect opportunity to ask a couple of questions - or, really, the same question twice - about the upcoming Alien movie from Neill Blomkamp. To whit: will Biehn be in the movie? Of course, the appearance of a scarred Hicks in Blomkamp's concept art was a pretty good indicator that Biehn would be back, it's just that words from the horse's mouth are better. So, according to Sskywarpe, there were two, super-quick Q&A exchanges. First of all, he asked Biehn if he'd been contacted about the new film. The answer, plain and simple, was "Yes." Then, in a comment on the same thread, Sskywarpe goes on to say Biehn later walked past him, so he asked another question. "Alien 5, you gonna do it!?" Biehn's response this time was just as encouraging. "Looks like it," he said. And so we're dealing with a new Alien film that allegedly won't "undo" Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection but will feature Ripley and Hicks, or at least Weaver and Biehn. My current favourite theory is that this new film gives us something that happens between Aliens and Alien 3, though how they'll explain away the de-aging of the characters before they climb back into crio-stasis and get back into the established narrative thread I do not know. I've rarely been so keen to find out what a movie's secret plot actually is. I just can't work this one out from the information we have, and no way of adding it up seems to make sense at all.
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