Michael Caine claims Depp & Hoffman in BATMAN 3

But why you shouldn't believe any casting related to this film until next Summer.

Matt here€ I absolutely loathe posting about rumors, I only do it if there is a logical reasoning for it and/or a good chance that's it likely to be more true than not. And those occasions come very few and far between. For all those reporting on this story as if it's gospel, let me just remind you guys of how unreliable actors are when it comes to using them as news sources. Having you just heard that Derek Luke basically lied through his back teeth about Will Smith being considered for the Captain America role over at Marvel. Now I'm not about to call Michael Caine a liar over his comments about Batman 3 villainy casting but I'm convinced there is a bit of playfulness here when he was speaking to MTV...
€œI was with executive and I said, €˜Are we going to make ?€™ They said yeah. I said, €˜How the hell are we going to top Heath? And he says €˜I€™ll tell you how you top Heath €” Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.€™ I said, €˜Shit, they€™ve done it again!€™€
But then in the same interview, he says he hasn't even spoken to Christopher Nolan about a third installment and that Chris is currently on vacation. Right. Now that part of his interview I can believe and no executive is going to choose what villain will be the center of the next film. If that had been the case, they would have wanted The Joker and Catwoman in Batman Begins. This is Nolan's baby, his choice and his rules. Phillip Seymor Hoffman himself has also debunked the rumor recently, but kinda at the same time voiced his interest in appearing in Nolan's Gotham when speaking to The Stone Report...
Some friend of mine told me he read that . First I heard of it. I don€™t think so." €œI grew up a comic book fan, so I love that stuff. I love going to that stuff. I think what they€™re doing with that whole Batman story is really true to what that whole Batman thing has always been. It€™s one of the darkest origins of a superhero, to get all nerdy and geeky on you. That character sees his parents gunned down as a young child. I remember when I was a kid reading that story, so seeing it now come to life as the dark tale that it really is as an intense, really dark, very visceral, adult tale that they€™re doing now, all the great work people are doing on it, of course I wouldn€™t say, €˜Well, no, no no.€™ But I don€™t know the reality of it, so I wouldn€™t say €˜yes€™ to you."
I know you guys all loved The Dark Knight and even though it's barely left theatres, you are literally salivating at the mouth for the next installment. That's fine but STOP COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. Have some patience guys, please. There is no script yet for Batman 3. Without a script, there won't be any casting. That's not how this franchise works. Script and story will come before any casting. They probably have a general idea of what they want to do to continue the franchise but nothing is set in stone as of yet. For the next 12 months (they have probably already begun), Jonathan Nolan will be writing the next installment with the hope (which he will) that his brother will agree to direct the end of his trilogy. David Goyer may also help out with the writing duties. In the mean time, Nolan will begin work on a smaller, more independent style film as a break from the franchise. It's something he did in 2006 with The Prestige. You can probably expect that film to be released late 2010, though we aren't sure what the movie is yet.


So until Comic Con 2009, certainly no sooner than next Spring... any rumors you here about casting for Batman 3 are completely false. Completely false, I repeat. Officially, there isn't even going to be a Batman 3 at this point... so at least wait until that announcement before you post this shit. I know why you have been posting it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is PERFECT for this style of Penguin and Johnny Depp is such a popular actor. But they simply aren't true. I would love to see them both in Batman 3 but I'm not going to worry about that for many months, just yet. Instead sit back. Enjoy The Dark Knight. Get the DVD. Speculate for what you wanna see but DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING TILL NEXT SUMMER AT THE EARLIEST. source - batman on film, /film
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