Michael Douglas: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Awesome Performances...

5. Jack T. Colton - Romancing The Stone

Romancing The Stone1 I can respect if action adventure just isn't your cup of tea, however, Romancing the Stone is probably one of the best in the genre to follow in Indiana Jones' giant wake. It shows that Douglas is a versatile actor as he steps comfortably into the role of rugged macho adventurer Jack T. Colton and becomes another iconic tough guy of the 80s. Even if his roles tend to be a bit meatier in presentation, Colton is definitely one Douglas' most likable roles. Actually most of his work similar in nature is usually enjoyable to watch although sometimes not always successful as in the case of Charles Remington in The Ghost and The Darkness. Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito also put in enjoyable performances to watch making Stone a very entertaining flick all the way around. Forget any qualms you may have because of the extremely boring sequel Jewel of the Nile (the action adventure film that shows Douglas is better sticking to what he is best at), the first installment is a classic.

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