Michael Myers Is Back In First Halloween Trailer

Michael vs Laurie.

Halloween Trailer

40 years on from the original, Michael Myers is returning to the town of Haddonfield. This time, however, Laurie Strode is more than ready for him, as the new trailer reveals.

The new sequel to the horror classic is being directed by David Gordon Green (yes, the one who made Pineapple Express), with Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprising their roles as Laurie and Michael respectively (although Michael will also be played by James Jude Courtney).

While the original movie spawned a further nine movies, the latest entry in the franchise is wiping the slate clean and serving as a follow-up to just the 1978 movie, re-writing the mythos so that Michael was arrested at the end and has since spent his life in a mental institution. As we see in the new footage, though, he's escaping and coming back for more, but that's exactly what Laurie wants with a house ready-made for revenge.


Based on what we see here they are embodying the spirit of the original while doing their own thing, and it appears as though it's somehow going to live-up to the forty-year wait. It's a trailer that both does the trick, and looks a right treat.


Halloween is scheduled for release on October 19. Share your thoughts on the trailer down in the comments.


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