Michel Gondry Was "Quite Relieved" When Nic Cage Left GREEN HORNET

Would you believe me if I told you that at one point in time the lead villain in The Green Hornet, Chudofsky, was going to be a Rastafarian with a thick Jamaican accent? I wouldn't believe me either, but when you have Nicolas Cage on board giving you invaluable input, it gets much easier to digest. With ideas like these, it's no wonder why Michel Gondry let out a sigh of relief when Nic Cage decided to leave the Green Hornet as it was gearing up to pre-production and move on towards more demanding and quality-driven films...like Season Of The Witch. Erm. Yeah. When The Canadian Press caught up with Cage, he told them that he left Green Hornet because "Seth Rogen and Michel had a different take on the character," and that he "had to have some humanity to the character" so that you could "understand why the character was the way he was." Apparently Mr. Cage took that as a sign to turn Chudofsky into a Rastafarian. How or why is completely beyond my reasoning. Fortunately, the other guys on set didn't want the Hornet's current biggest threat to be Bob Marley, so Cage decided to hit the road. According to reports, it was a troubled set and a difficult few months for both Gondry and Nicolas Cage because "for reasons known only to , he insisted on using a Jamaican accent." "I was quite relieved," Gondry admits, "when announced he no longer wanted the part." While no one's quite sure why Cage figured turning Chudofsky into a Jamaican would make him more human, his stint on set isn't the only crazy idea that came up back when The Green Hornet was being pitched to studios. When Stephen Chow was attached to direct and star as Kato, he wanted the script to have his sidekick implanting a microchip in Britt's brain and later controlling him with a joystick. "Maybe they€™re doing that in China, and I€™m not aware of it," says Rogen. "I don€™t read the newspapers as much as I should." Luckily, Nic Cage was soon replaced with Oscar-winner Christopher Waltz, seen below holding a gun and looking dangerous. Well, there you have it. The day is now complete with your regular dose of insane stories courtesy of everybody's favorite Hollywood superstar, Nic Cage. You can read our review of The Green Hornet, HERE.

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