Michelle Ryan to Star in COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES

Deadline say the lovely Michelle Ryan is set to star in 'zom-com' Cockneys Vs. Zombies which will find the ex-Eastender and co-star Harry Treadaway (Control, Fish Tank) going toe-to-decomposed-toe with the undead, after their attempt to rob a 350 year-old vault results in them unwittingly unleashing an army of zombies upon the world! Penned by James Moran and with Matthias Hoene set to direct, the film is set to shoot across London later this month. Optimum Releasing will distribute domestically. Although it is nice to see Ryan being given a second shot at stardom after her lead role in NBC's disastrous Bionic Woman prematurely fizzled out, something tells me that this won't be the film that transports her to the upper-echelons of young, British film talent, especially with the STV plot. With a pitch that already places it uncomfortably in the shadow of Edgar Wright's zombie magnum opus, and a woefully inexperienced cast and crew (Hoene's only directorial role prior to this was the dire Beyond the Rave), it's safe to say that we're skeptical. Cemetery Junction's Jack Doolan will also be starring, with Honor Blackman of The Avenger's fame also joining in on proceedings.
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