Mickey Rourke: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked‏

5 Awesome Performances€

5. Jordan Kalfus - Man On Fire (2004)

As we say, you can pretty much rule out any Mickey Rourke-starring film between around 1988 and 2005, but he did have some diamonds amongst this mainly rough patch of his career. Tony Scott through the struggling Rourke a bone with a small part in his 2004 action-drama Man On Fire, where Denzel Washington's washed-up CIA-agent-turned-bodyguard manages to balls up his first job and getting Dakota Fanning kidnapped by a Mexican crime syndicate. We found her super annoying in War Of The Worlds too, guy, but letting her get captured by a cartel is a pretty douchey move. Even for an alcoholic Oscar winner. Mathis from Casino Royale was in it, too! More importantly (in this article anyway), though, was the fleeting appearance of Mickey Rourke, only looking half as ridiculous as he does nowadays. Rourke plays Jordan Kalfus, the attorney of businessman Samuel Ramos, whose daughter Denzel is hired to guard and then loses. It's Kalfus who ends up arranging the delivery of the ransom money, acts like a smarmy jerk, and winds up dead at the hands of the cartel. Honestly, Rourke doesn't spend a whole lot of time on screen, but he definitely leaves an impression. Almost like he's aware of the charming pretty boy roles of his youth, he delivers a performance of what that sort of guy would be like twenty years on: slightly slimy and sleazy, the young blondes holding onto his arm attracted by something other than his looks, and he doesn't care. Memorably gross.

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