Middle-Earth On Film: A Visual History

There's more than just Peter Jackson's movies...

New Line Cinema
So many movies are dubbed "the new Star Wars". Just a few months ago everyone was quick to highlight Guardians Of The Galaxy as a defining cinematic moment. But while Marvel's space fantasy certainly has some objective similarities with George Lucas' saga, in terms of cultural impact and ability to bring a whole generation together, you can't beat The Lord Of The Rings. They may not be sci-fi, but in terms of technological advancement and uncompromised world-building Peter Jackson's three-movie epic is the real inheritor of Luke Skywalker's crown. They even have prequels that are widely regarded as a weaker exercise. The phrase "modern classic" is thrown around a lot, but in this case it's more than fitting. Of course, Jackson's Middle-Earth movies were far from the first attempts at bringing the works of Tolkien to the screen. Since he first published his seminal novels there's been many attempts to bring the adventures of the Baggins' to life, with only a handful coming to fruition. Come and a take a look back over the making of cinema history - how did The Lord Of The Rings almost end up differently, and which different versions actually exist? It's all here in this gallery.

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