MIDNIGHT IN PARIS - Reviews and Reactions - Cannes 2011

Midnight In Paris Review The 64th annual Festival De Cannes was kicked off this morning by Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris. Sadly for myself (I will be covering the festival daily over at SkyMovies.com for the next 11 days) and many other Yellow Badge holders we were denied entry as the screening was, as expected, completely full. OWF editor Matt Holmes was in attendance, however, and a full review will follow shortly. Twitter was buzzing shortly after the 11am screening was complete. Below are a selection of the "tweets":
@evelinginparis - Cliched, corny but clever and clapping from the press. @firstshowing - WOW that was great. A charming Parisian fairytale back to the 1920s. His best film in years! @astrotic - art history 101 explicitly exploring familiar idea that we can only love an unfamiliar past; acting repellent. @maximbarrault - pure fantasy and very entertaining.
Midnight In Paris stars Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates. The wife of the French President, Carla Bruni, also stars. The plot follows a family who travel to Paris to do some business. The group includes a young couple whose lives transformed during the journey. The movie is set for a limited release on May 20th in the USA. Check back to Obsessed With Film later today for a full review of Midnight In Paris. You can stay tuned to our Twitter account @owfilm for the all of the latest news and updates live from the Croisette. €” Bring the festival experience home this year on Blu-ray Disc €“ keep up to date with all the latest Blu-ray news at the Blu-ray Disc Reporter.
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