Mila Kunis Quiz: How Well Do You Know Her?

Shut up, Meg.

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Not only is Mila Kunis the star of one of the most enduring animated sitcoms of all time, but she's also a Golden Globe-nominated and Screen Actors Guild-nominated actress with some stunning performances over her career so far.

As perfectly-suited to comedies like Ted and Forgetting Sarah Marshall as she is to psychological thrillers like Black Swan, she has garnered an army of fans and a library of critical appreciation. She currently doesn't have a lot of movies or TV shows in the works (other than her continued work on Family Guy - as long as Disney keep it around) but with most of her career ahead of her, we're likely to see far more awards nominations in future.

But how well do you really know Mila Kunis?

Answers at the end!

1. Where Was Mila Born?

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