Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale & Sofia Vergara Wanted For DANGER GIRL?

Updated: WME Agency have denied the story... but there's no doubting this film should be made.

Updated:The Playlist have kindly just forwarded their twitter feed where the WME agency representing Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale & Sofia Vergara have denied the story; But.... isn't it an interesting idea? Someone should make this.... Bleeding Cool report that various tracking boards are spreading the rumour today that Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale and Modern Family's Sofia Vergara are wanted for a proposed movie adaptation of J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell€˜s comic book series Danger Girl. First published in 1998, the series is like James Bond meets Charlie's Angels and focuses on a group of female secret agents mentored by Deuce (who is basically Bond). This means that there could be as many as four major female heroines in the film adaptation and it's likely that all three women are wanted for separate roles in what could be a female version of The Expendables, especially if the leads of the Underworld and Resident Evil franchises are secured. Producer JC Spink is said to be shopping the proposed movie around studio's but it's not yet clear if a script is being/has been written and it seems unlikely a director is attached yet. Clearly though Spink is looking to capitalise on the untapped female led bad-ass action genre which right now only Beckinsale & Jovovich's long-running respective franchises rule. Spink is probably banking on the idea that if he can get Beckinsale or Jovovich to star then their respective partners/mindless hack directors Paul W.S. Anderson and Len Wiseman would be interested in directing and BAM - a genuine tentpole would be found. Here's a list of the heroines from Danger Girl taken from Wikipedia; Abbey Chase €” The latest recruit to the Danger Girls. She's an outlaw archaeologist and gun specialist. Sydney Savage €” A leather-bound Danger Girl from Australia. Her primary weapon is the whip. JC €” An engineering gearhead who joins the Danger Girls in the video game. Natalia Kassle €” Was a former Russian intelligence agent. Her specialty is knives and other bladed weapons. Later revealed that she was a double agent working for the evil Hammer Syndicate. I imagine all three characters will be translated free and loosely to mold the actresses' who end up playing them; It's about time we had more female led action franchises, wouldn't you say? And anything that took Beckinsale and Jovovich's attention away from Underworld and Resident Evil suits me!!

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