Mischa Barton joins Bruce Willis in The Sophomore

mischabarton1.jpg21 year old actress Mischa Barton is a women in demand in Hollywood. The latest movie she has been hired for is the dark comedy The Sopohmore where she will star opposite Bruce Willis. Bruce's daughter Rumer who he co-starred with in Hostage has also been cast in the flick which was previously known as The Assassination of a High School President.
In this teenage take on "Chinatown," Barton plays the most popular girl in her Catholic high school. She persuades a sophomore reporter to investigate the theft of SAT exams, but after he reveals that the school's president and top jock are responsible, a more sinister conspiracy emerges.
Bruce will be the high school principal who can't get over his Desert Storm days in Kuwait, whilst Rumer Willis will be Mischa Barton's sidekick. Brett Simon directs what will be his first feature film, his resume though includes some music video's for The Killers and Good Charlotte. Willis should have some fun playing what will probably be a slightly eccentric character and well Barton's nice to look act, even if the poor girl can't act. Shooting begins in August.
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