Morbius: 10 Marvel Vampires Who Could Appear

As long as they don't sparkle in the sunlight, these vampires could make an impressive intro.


With the nods to Sami Rami's Spider-Man and Michael Keaton's MCU Vulture making appearances in the trailer, Moribus has become one of the most intriguing upcoming movies - if for no other reason than to see just where in the Sony/MCU Universe this film takes place.

Just as curious is the thought that Sony, not the MCU, will be the first to bring vampires into the mix. After a trilogy of Blade movies, we're getting our first live-action Marvel vampire onscreen in sixteen years.

One huge question that remains is whether or not other vampire characters will appear in the film.

The MCU is working on bringing Blade back to the big screen, and it's a fair assumption that they will likely keep many of his supporting characters under the MCU umbrella. Still, it's unlikely that Morbius and Matt Smith's Loxias Crown will be the only two vampire characters in Sony's universe.

Vampires are scattered throughout the Marvel universe. While there may not be many that frequently cross paths with Spider-Man's characters, there are plenty of others that the MCU will surely take a pass on.


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