More dull marketing for SWEENEY TODD

More boring imagery has hit the web for Tim Burton's latest adaptation.

I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, one of the biggest you are ever likely to meet. But I'm afraid to say Sweeney Todd looks awful. Only once has a Tim Burton film not worked from the first frame to the last and been so bad that I had to psychically force my eyes to continue watching despite my brain telling me to look away for my own personal well being. I didn't like his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I didn't care for his A Corpse Bride either. But only with Planet of the Apes did Burton really fuck up. Every new tidbit I see of this film makes me want to see it less and less. It's dark, but not Burton-dark. It's dull-dark, with awkward signing and faces we've seen in other more interesting roles from Burton...






I saw the link at Slash Film, who also have a look at a new poster for the movie. More dull imagery...



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