More New The Dark Tower Images Show Roland In Mid-World

Isn't The Gunslinger supposed to look more otherworldly?


As part of their massive Comic Con celebration, EW have released another batch of exclusive images from The Dark Tower, showing off Matthew McConaughey's mysterious Man In Black in full charismatic flow...


There's also some shots of Idris Elba as Roland "The Gunslinger" Deschain, in the decimated surroundings of his homeworld Mid-World.


There's no getting round the fact that Idris Elba cuts an imposing figure no matter how he looks, but there's something here needs addressing. Roland is not supposed to look modern at all, and while there are obviously Wild Western influences in his outfit, he looks like he could just about blend in in any modern city.


He doesn't look remarkable enough: he's supposed to be the man with no name in a fantasy world, but there's just something missing here. For instance, where the hell is his hat?!

There's also a couple of shots of young Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers in the vast, empty expanse of Mid-World...

Dark Tower Jake MidWorld

In his bedroom studying sketches of his nightmares and visions...


And at Dutch Hill, the dangerous portal between the worlds sited in a decrepit Brooklyn mansion...

Dark Tower Jake Mansion

You can see more images and read their descriptions over at EW.

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